Travel Tech: 3 Suggestions for Traveling Like a Pro

Do you have to travel for business sometimes?  If you are like me, you may airportnot have traveled in a while and may benefit from some things I noticed.  Here are 3 suggestions for traveling like a pro.

Airport security has become more complex over the years and can be daunting to navigate without a little preparation.  You may already know about the 3-1-1 rule, 3 ounce liquids bottles in 1 bag up to 1 quart.  But there are more tips that can help you breeze through airport security.

When I travel I try to watch for people that seem to travel frequently.  I observe the choices they make in attire and what kind of luggage they choose.  They have gone through airport security enough times to know how to get through quicker and better avoid the dreaded chance of missing a flight.

Here are some travel accessories that may be helpful.

Slip-On Shoes and No Belts

shoe lacesYou may have noticed that everyone needs to take of their shoes.  This policy has been in place for several years now but I still see many people slowed down in the security line by this.

Wearing shoes that lace up can slow you down both getting them off leading up to the check point as well as trying to gather your things and get moving afterwards only to be held up by needing to find a spot to sit to tie your shoes.

Some belts will set off the security scanner as well requiring a longer process.

USB Cable for Charging

While some airports have come into the 21st century there are those that still IMAG0415do not provide adequate charging facilities for your devices.  Put enough connecting flights and layovers together and you are bound to need to plug in your cell phone, laptop, and any other electronics you take with you.

I was amazed by the lack of facilities for charging devices that was offered by a very large airport I had two layovers at during my recent round trip flight.  While there were charging stations they were only at some gates and did not offer enough accessibility to utilize the outlets they had.

Some of the units did offer USB ports as well as standard wall outlets.  I recommend bringing a USB cable for mobile devices that directly plug into the USB interface.  Even if you don’t see a USB interface it is a good idea to have the USB cable as you may only find access to a single wall outlet but want to charge your laptop and your smart phone.  No problem, just plug in your laptop then plug your phone into your laptop to daisy chain them and charge multiple devices.

Be Ready to Gate Check

Airports started charging a while ago for bags you check.  They still allow you 1 carry on bag and one purse/bag/laptop.  However, some planes have limited space and a full flight can easily cause space to run out fast.

Be ready to gate check your bag.  In fact, you can ask before boarding the flight if they will mark your bag for gate check.

When you gate check you are not charged the check in fee and you can simply give them your bag right before boarding the plane and pick it up right after.  No hassall of trying to find the baggage claim and waiting for your bag.


What suggestions do you have for easier and faster travel?