Who Is Your Role Model?

Do you choose what kind of person other people see when they interact with you?  Do you believe you can choose the person others see in you?  What other people do you most want to emulate?  Who is your role model?

These are all big questions.  Maybe questions you have never asked yourself.  But these important questions can help you become more like the person you want to be.  This isn’t so much about having the perfect body or being the most intelligent person, although striving for better health and more knowledge may well be a goals obtained by such means.  These questions speak to the deep aspirations we each find in ourselves once given enough time to honestly evaluate who we are and who we want to be.

What Defines Success In Your Life?


When you think of someone that is successful maybe you think of them having a lot of money or being famous or having a position of power like a CEO of a major company.

I think for most people success is really much deeper than this even if some of the above answers are what you think in an off-the-cuff sort of answer.  If you were to sit down and really think about what success would mean to you personally would it look like the above answers or something else?

A definition for success that I like to use is to balance your life in such a way that you spend the hours of each day active in the things you care most passionately about.  That may seem like a simplistic or even overly general view of success but really think about that statement.  Do you find yourself actively doing the things you are most passionate about each day?  This may not be as simple a feat as it sounds on first read of that definition of success.  And as for being overly general, what one person’s success looks like can look very different from another’s based on this definition.

We are individual people with individual goals, dreams, and aspirations.  God made us each very unique; no one is exactly like us.  So why should we expect what we find best in our life to look the same as someone else?

Who Has Found Success In The Areas of Your Interest?


I’d like to give you a personal challenge for this week.  Open some time in your schedule that you can be alone for at least 20 minutes, more if possible.  Block out the distractions of your day and sit down with paper and pencil and start brain storming.  Really ask yourself what success looks like to you.  Evaluate people you think of as successful and ask if you truly believe they are successful in their lives; that is, that they are spending much or all their time each day active at things they are passionate about.

When you find some people like that identify the top three to five characteristics they have that you believe makes them successful in your eyes.

What Steps Can You Take Today Toward The Kind of Success You Want?

Once you have a list of these characteristics of success write them down boldly on your paper and start thinking over each one.

As you go through the rest of the week take a few moments a few times a day to just think about each of these characteristics.  Measure your life against these to see where you are at.  Not in a way that makes you feel guilty for not having them fully or at all in your life now.  That will just lead you down a path of negative thinking and guilt and derail your progress.  The point here is to be objective with no need to justify why you aren’t there.  If you start having those thoughts push them away by telling yourself you are taking very powerful steps right now toward moving toward these characteristics.

Picture in your mind how you want others to see you in light of these characteristics.  Start thinking about steps you can take toward increasing each characteristic in yourself.  If the step seems too big break it up.  Set goals to move forward toward these characteristics.

God granted you very unique gifts, talents, dreams, and passions.  Ask him to guide your thoughts toward steps you can move forward toward your brand of success.

What ways can we encourage you in your pursuit toward your characteristics of success?

  • Brian Knight

    Love the definition for success. It takes awhile for someone to realize success is not based solely on how much money they have or the position they hold in business or society. Five years ago I had the wrong definition and by surrounding myself with great role models I have rediscovered what success really means. Excellent post! Can not wait for the next one.

    • Thanks Brian! Yeah, I think many of us – including me – have held a faulty view of what success would look like in our lives. It is easy to think once we make all the money or get the job we dream of we will be happy and content every day. Life just isn’t that simple. And really I’m glad it’s not because it has so much more depth and worth than that for each of us to discover on our journey.