Press on Through Discouragement

Discouragement is something we have all faced in some form or some degree; I’m sure more than once unfortunately. But how do you press on through discouragement?

No matter what your goals and no matter how good others’ intentions are you will likely encounter some degree of discouragement from the people around you. While you can’t stop every discouragement from coming there are some things to remember when it comes to dealing with discouragement.


Discouragement can come against us from different directions.

Other people

The comments other people make when they hear of our goals could intentionally or unintentionally discourage us from continuing.


Situations beyond our control could make our continuing in a venture more difficult.


Your own doubts about the venture or yourself could also discourage you.

Proper Frame

Once you understand the source this is coming from you need to put a proper frame around it.  You need to determine if there is any merit to this discouragement.  Perhaps there is an important change you need to make to your plan that this event has pointed out to you.  Maybe there are some minor or even major course corrections you need to make to achieve your goals.

DoorIn an extreme case this could be telling you to stop pursing the course you are on.  This is the point I hear you scream at me… WHAT!?!  Understand, there is a difference between the dream you are looking to achieve and the course you are on to get there.  I’m not at all recommending to give up on your dream.  Not at all.  But it may become apparent that the course you are on won’t get you where you thought it would.  If that is the case it may be time to make a new plan to get to your dream.

Pursue Your Dreams, Regardless

Once you have properly framed the discouraging event you may have Targetdetermined it has no bearing on your course.  There is no corrective action needed.  In this case, press on!  When you can honestly say there is no correction needed to your course then ignore the discouragement and move forward to overcome it.

My 6 year old son reminded me of this lesson just last week.  He was telling me of a recent event when he was attempting something new and having a hard time.  After some failed attempts he heard discouraging words from others.  He told me he then felt as though God was speaking into his heart these words, “Pay it no mind. Just go and do it.”  With the encouragement his Heavenly Father provided he tried again… and succeeded!

The words God shared with my son are now on my office wall as well as in my son’s bedroom as a constant reminder to press on!

What ways do you press on through discouragement?  Leave a comment!