ObamaCare Facts: Is it for You?

U.S. Capitol BuildingObamaCare has been getting a lot of publicity lately but is ObamaCare for you?  And what ObamaCare facts do you need to know?  ObamaCare’s official name is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and also known by Health Care Reform.  You may have been hearing much more about ObamaCare lately due to much of its health care reform portions going into effect starting in 2014.  However, it was actually signed into law on March 23, 2010.




There have many points of controversy over this new health care reformation act.  Just a few of those are:

  1. Allowing insurers to charge higher premiums to tobacco users
  2. Contraceptives must be covered without a co-payment
  3. Higher insurance premiumssmoking

Insurers now have the right to charge its subscribers a higher rate

if they choose to use tobacco products and are not allowed to require a co-payment for any contraceptive purchases.  While these may or may not affect you the third list item may affect you if you are currently insured.

As a result of ObamaCare, insurance companies may be increasing your 2014 insurance premiums drastically.  Nearly every age group across the country will see a rate increase, very few will see a reduction from reports on the internet.  Many in their 20’s to 50’s will see an increase of over 100% of their current premiums.

Some aspects of ObamaCare will have a positive effect for individuals.  Especially those that do not currently have health insurance.

Choice of Insurance

If you do not have health coverage from your employer or if you want to choose something different than what your employer offers you can now select from insurance policies you qualify for via the Health Insurance Exchange.

The process by which you would select non-employer insurance varies at the state level.

How to Apply for ObamaCare

Many states use the healthcare.gov website for selecting and applying for insurance plans you qualify for.  You can purchase health insurance for all or single members of your family.  You can even purchase coverage in addition to employer-based coverage you already have.

What are your thoughts on ObamaCare and the impact this will have on you and your families health care needs?

  • Brian Knight

    I personally do not think it will overall be a good thing for this country. On a positive note I think it has forced the hospitals to become more accountable for the care they provide. In other words, if they are not getting certain results then they do not get paid. In my opinion, Obama care will not be the fix to our current health care crisis. Until we put diet and lifestyle ahead of surgery and pharmaceuticals we will always be behind the eight ball when it comes to sick care I mean health care. Remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    • Well put Brian. I agree that Obama Care overall does not look to be a good move for the country. True, a focus on healthy living is always a good starting point!