Never Give Up: 3 Ways to Stay Motivated



It’s great to feel on top of your game and pushing through the challenges of the day to achieve your goals.  But what happens when you don’t feel the forward momentum?  Here are 3 ways to stay motivated.

1. Focus on One Goal

Feeling burnt out to the point of not feeling motivated can happen from time to time.  Even having the same spirit you usually have for doing the things you love.  If you feel like that now it may be that you have too much on your plate at the moment.  Maybe your goals list is really long and you feel overwhelmed by all you want to get done.

This may be the perfect time to reduce for a short period.  Look over your goals and pick the one big goal you really want to invest yourself in.  This isn’t to say the other goals are not important but if you don’t have motivation for any of your goals maybe getting yourself motivated for one goal will reignite your passion and get you back on track with all your goals.

If you haven’t started a goals list this is an excellent time to start one and get yourself focused on moving forward.


2. Ebb and Flow is Natural

It is natural to feel peaks and valleys in your motivation.  There are many factors that play into how you feel and how motivated you toward something.  Just don’t get down further by the fact that you aren’t at your peak today.

Remind yourself that down spots are normal and they will pass.

3. Good Results Outweigh the Little Hurtles

Remind yourself of why you set the goals you did in the first place and how your life and the lives of those around you benefit by these goals.

The little hurtles you must surmount may not seem as daunting once you refocus your mind on the greater value the result of attaining your goals has over these hurtles.

While recently watching the movie Turbo with my family I picked up on a couple quotes that spoke to motivation for me.  At one point Turbo was asked, “what if you lose your super powers tomorrow?”  To which he replied, “I’ll make the most of today”.

Sometimes it can be easy to feel pulled down by how hard life can get.  Simply doing the very best we can do is what we need to keep our focus on rather than allowing fear to steal away our progress.

What do you do when your motivation is slipping?

  • Brian Knight

    Best post so far Victor. Love it! When I feel my motivation slipping I like to ask myself “why” am I doing something. What is the end result I am looking for? Is it necessary to fight this battle? What is my gut telling me? I also like to pray about it and make sure what I am doing is lined up with His will. Last, I like to take another look at my goals and prioritize things.

  • Thanks for sharing Brian. You bring up a good point… sometimes God can put roadblocks in our path because He knows a goal we think is good for us really isn’t the best for us. Trusting His leading will keep us on the right course.