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3 Ways to Thankfulness

Just two days until Thanksgiving left.  The tension of ‘getting it all done’ is well underway both for checking off Christmas lists as well as making sure everything is ready for the turkey.  This time of year can be very tiring if we let it.  Possibly so tiring we may even forget to place our […]

2 Keys to Wisdom

Wisdom is something I’m sure each of us would find useful in life!  But how do you get wise?  Here are 2 keys to wisdom that can help you pursue wisdom. But before we talk about how to pursue wisdom, is it even something you want?  The word wisdom has been used so much it […]

Who Is Your Role Model?

Do you choose what kind of person other people see when they interact with you?  Do you believe you can choose the person others see in you?  What other people do you most want to emulate?  Who is your role model? These are all big questions.  Maybe questions you have never asked yourself.  But these important […]

Balancing a New Baby and Work

Being a new father can have many challenges.  While a new mother’s challenges are great the new challenges a father faces can often not be noticed initially.  One of those challenges is balancing a new baby and work. Balancing work and home life is a sizeable task already but adding a new baby increases the […]