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5 Steps Toward a Rewarding Life

Enjoying a rewarding life is something we all want.  Giving attention to how we balance our time and resources and what we choose to engage in is very important in making our way toward our own definition of a rewarding life.  Here are 5 steps toward a rewarding life that you can start working on […]

How Often Should I Work Out?

Have you ever asked how often should I work out?  Work out frequency is a topic that raises much debate.  How many days a week?  How long each workout?  Split routine to hit body parts harder but less often or full body workout?  High Intensity Training (HIT) or longer workouts to pack more exercises and […]

Why Do Drop Sets?

Why Do Drop Sets? If you have been working out for some time you may have heard someone mention incorporating drop sets into their routine.  What are they and why do drop sets? Drop sets, sometimes called strip sets, is continuing past the point of muscle failure in a set by lowering the working weight […]

How Much Weight Should I Lift?

If you are just getting into a fitness routine or even if you have been at it for a while you may be wondering how much weight should I lift.  This is a good question but it really isn’t the first question.  First you need to determine what your goal is in fitness.  Think about […]

Can I Lose Weight With Sit-Ups?

Many believe that doing more sit-ups will cause you to lose fat in your midsection faster.  That begs the question, can I lose weight with sit-ups?  Well, yes and no. Sit-ups work the abdominal muscles either by toning with many repetitions or strength and muscle building with added resistance.  The main focus of this exercise is […]