This website was created to provide you information and ideas to find balance between the sometimes competing areas of your life.  Reducing stress is a key objective here as the content you find here offers what may be a fresh perspective, a new idea, or just a reminder of something you already knew but need motivation to apply.

You’ll notice the word “rebalance” in the website name instead of “balance”.  This is for a very specific reason.  A balanced life isn’t something that just happens and it isn’t something that will just stay put once you feel you “got it”.  Balancing our lives, and rebalancing it, is something we do repeatedly as we notice some areas getting too big or too small which usually shows itself in the form or stress or unease.

Let’s take this life-long journey together and press forward on a path to rebalance our lives by better understanding what we want in them and what can help us improve in the areas we want to work on.

A little bit about my story

VictorHi!  My name is Victor Illian.  I’ve been working in the IT field for over 15 years doing things like programming, website design, eCommerce, application development, architecture, and managing teams of developers diverse in both people and geography.

Working in this field has left me no stranger to stress.  While work can be very rewarding it can be stressful as I’m sure many of you can attest to.  Better managing that stress was something that took years of dealing with it and understanding its triggers to find ways to short-circuit the process of creating the main stress points.  While short-circuiting stress is not always possible there are steps that can be taken to reduce stress.

My goal in this website is to leverage the experiences I’ve had with work stress management and balancing aspects of life with it along with input of all of you to build a community of support for anyone finding it challenging to effectively balance the aspects of life.

Thank you for visiting Life Rebalanced and …WELCOME!  I look forward to getting to know you here on the site.