5 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution


This week started a new year and many people have been or plan to be thinking about New Year’s resolutions.  Have you thought of some things you wanted to change in your life this time in years past but found in a few months you weren’t where you wanted to be with your resolutions?  Here are 5 ways to keep your New Year’s resolution that should help keep you on track.

1. Make a Manageable List

I have found once I get started on a list of resolutions I can make it pretty long.  When I look it over I realize there is no way to get all that done in the amount of time I want to accomplish it in.  This is a sure fire way to set yourself up for failure which we obviously don’t want.

check-listMake your list of resolutions something that you can achieve in the timeframe you allot yourself.  I’m not saying make it super easy as change is never a breeze.  Make it something that will challenge you but something that you know you can do one step at a time if you put your mind to it.

2. Be Specific

If you create a list of very general resolutions you will have a hard time knowing for sure that you have completed your list.  Look over your list and see how you can reword any general statements into more specific and measurable statements.

3. Expect Resistance

Change doesn’t happen by snapping your fingers; it takes time, work, and determination.  So you should expect some resistance.  Expect that you will hit a wall and you just won’t feel like going any further.  Before you get started know that this point will come sooner or later and be ready for it when it does.  Don’t dwell on hitting the wall like it will crush your resolve just be ready for it and don’t let it take away your hopes.tug-of-war2

4. Rely on the Support of Others

One way to be ready for hitting the wall of resistance is engaging your friends.  Talk to someone close to you that you can share your resolutions with.  Have them check in on you now and then to see how you are doing and if you need some help.

5. Don’t Be Hard on Yourself

As I’ve said, change is hard.  But don’t let that scare you off and don’t let it beat you down.  Most things really worth having take some hard work.  There is something about the hard work that makes the prize that much sweeter.

So when you hit your wall of resistance and don’t feel you have made it as far as you wanted remember that you are likely capable of more than you give yourself credit for.  Maybe you need to tweak your goals a bit but keep at it and remember to celebrate your victories along the way.

What ways do you use to keep on track with your New Year’s resolution?

  • Knight Brian

    Great post Victor, I try to push myself slightly out of my comfort zone with my resolutions/goals for the year. I also try to share my goals with people who I know will support me and be positive. In other words, I do not share them with everyone. Very good timing for this article because people can fall off the bandwagon shortly after the New Year. Keep up the great content.