5 Steps Toward a Rewarding Life

Enjoying a rewarding life is something we all want.  Giving attention to how we balance our time and resources and what we choose to engage in is very important in making our way toward our own definition of a rewarding life.  Here are 5 steps toward a rewarding life that you can start working on today!

1. Reduce Stress

We can experience stress over a great many things in life.  Some of this stress is unavoidable but some can be avoided.  Much of the unavoidable stress can be reduced or managed with some practice.

How do you avoid a stress all together?  Overtaxing our lives with activities is a sure way todepressed amp up your stress levels.  We all have 24 hours in a day so if we get accustomed to trying to fit more into a day than will fit something has to give.  Stress can be a warning sign to us to step back and evaluate if we are taking on too much.  It may all need to get done but typically there are ways to organize and prioritize things to either get them done more efficiently and faster or some things could be done later.  Some things may seem like they must be done but if you honestly evaluate them in relation to other things in your life they start looking less important to get done right now.

Try to prioritize the things using your time and work at getting the things done you really want done first.  This will help reduce stress when you get closer to the end of your day or week and see you may not have time for it all.

I’ve found myself working at things sometimes and realizing I’m feeling anxious over how someone will react or what will happen if things don’t go exactly how I want them to go.  At times like this its good to just stop for a moment, take a mental break, and think about it logically.  What is the worst thing that will happen?  How likely is it that that will happen?  Often times I realize the risk isn’t that great and I’m getting worked up for nothing.

2. Exercise Regularly

Exercise isn’t just about trying to look good, it’s about making your body work better.  The human body is an amazing machine.  Most any machine I can think of (a car, a computer, a dish washer) work best when they are new and degrade in efficiency and

human body

usefulness with further use.  True, some machines have a ‘break in’ period after which time they actually do work more effectively but after this period it is typically a downward cycle.

The human body, on the other hand, improves itself when you use it!  Obviously, some activities are not as good as others but there are many exercises you can do that will actually cause your body to improve how it functions.  This is pretty awesome!

3. Rest

How much do you sleep at night?  If you wake every day too tired to face the day it is likely a sign you are not allowing yourself enough hours for sleep or you are not sleeping restfully during the night.

Try going to bed a bit earlier.  Setting a regular bed time and waking time will put your body back into a rhythm.  I’ve found hitting the snooze bar to get those extra 5 or 10 minutes of sleep will typically make me much more tired for the day than just getting up.  I suspect this has to do with an interrupted sleep cycle as 5 to 10 minutes won’t let you get a full cycle.

Naps are good for refreshing yourself but using them to replace sleep is not a good long term solution to giving your body the full renewing rest it needs.

4. Eat Well

There are plenty of books and posts on the web about diets and eating properly so I won’t go into a great amount of detail here.  I will say it is important to provide your body an even and regular amount of nutrients to feel optimal.

Diets often aim at short term alterations with the hopes of long term results when what is truly needed is behavior modification in gradual steps toward building lifestyle patterns that contribute to the eating pattern that best benefits your body.  More on this in a future post.

5. Balance & Variety

The longer I live the more convinced I am that balance is of incredible importance to our well being.  By nature we crave predictable patterns in our lives that make things easier but we also crave a degree of the unexpected adventure giving some variety and flare to life.  Balancing our life between a variety of fulfilling endeavors will keep us recharged and ready to press on to the goal.

What defines a rewarding life to you?  I’m interested to hear your ideas!

  • Brian Knight

    Excellent post Victor, another one that comes to mind is have something you are passionate about. It makes me want to tackle the day because I am are so excited about what is around the next corner. Keep up the great work I look forward to more post like this.

    • Thanks Brian! Having something you are passionate to drive you each day is a great motivator to pushing forward – great point.