4 Reasons the Tesla Model S May Be the Electric Car for You

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S – photo: teslamotors.com

In today’s climate of rising gas prices Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (EVs) may look appealing for saving cash.  A hybrid car is one that uses both gas and electricity in some manner to power the vehicle.  An EV uses only electricity with no reliance on gas fill ups.

Hybrids seem to be more popular than EVs lately I think due to the high availability low availability of EV powering stations and the limited driving range of most EVs.

The Tesla Model S from Tesla Motors may be changing that as it looks to be the first EV on the market today that is making strides at pulling together things like driving range, horsepower, utility, and comfort into a relatively affordable package.  The Model S also can be charged from any standard power outlet if needed making it more versatile.  Ever thought of an electric car?  Here are 4 reasons the Tesla Model S may be the electric car for you.

1. Driving Range

A small driving range has been a big issue for EVs.  The Tesla Model S boasts a driving range of 208 to at least 265 miles (depending on the configuration package you choose).  This range puts a fully electric car much closer to the range of a standard gasoline engine vehicle.

2. Configurations

The three configuration packages currently offered on the Model S provides a range between cost and performance.  The three configurations offered are: 60, 85, P85.  Providing a range of 208 to 265 miles per full charge and 302 to 416 horse power.

3. Seating and Cargo Space

Model S Battery

Model S Battery – photo: cartype.com

Something very unique about the Model S when compared to the average gasoline engine car is, well, the lack of an engine.  The battery is spread out across the bottom of the car with electric motors at the wheels.  This frees up space under the hood for a second trunk!  Pretty cool, but it gets better; you can also convert the rear trunk into two additional child seats providing seating for up to 5 adults and 2 children.

4. Electric Car with Quality

Tesla Model S Seating

Tesla Model S Seating – photo: teslamotors.com

From leather seats to a 17″ touchscreen control center the Model S is not the cramped, utilitarian EV you may expect.

While I can’t say I’m currently the proud owner of a Model S I can say that if I were ready to purchase an EV this would be the one.

What are your thoughts on the Tesla Model S and how it compares to other EVs?

  • Knight Brian

    That was an very interesting post Victor, but then again I am a car guy. I think Telsa is doing some great things and will continue to innovate until they have their market dominated. I hear the owner is a pretty sharp guy.

    • Indeed he is. Elon Musk founded things like PayPal and SpaceX in addition to Tesla. I look forward to seeing what he will create next.