3 Tips for Savvy Black Friday Shopping

November is known for gift buying as we prepare for giving gifts to celebrate those we love in our lives and the birth of our Lord and Savior.  Black Friday has become a day for great deals on many products.

Black Friday has always been the day after Thanksgiving each year.  However, it seems many businesses have expanded Black Friday shopping into many days of the month of November leading up to Black Friday.  Even with this extended time frame of sales Black Friday stands as the pinnacle sale day leading up to Christmas.black shopping cart

You have likely heard stories of how rushed and busy this celebrated Friday can become.  Stores overcrowded with people trying to find the best deal they can.

There are ways to reduce or even avoid being stuck in crowded stores or camping out in front of them during the wee hours after feasting on turkey.  As with many things in life, you just need a little preparation.

Know Your Budget Ahead of Time

Standing in front of a brand new LCD TV with what looks like a great price tag can be hard to pass up for someone that likes electronics as much as I do.  Whatever the product this is the situation you don’t want to be unprepared for.

60 percent off

The salesman may very easily talk you into the product if you don’t have a firm understanding of how much

money you really decided ahead of time to work with.  Trying to decide a spending limit while standing in the store will lead you to various forms of creative rationalization to obtain the money needed for the item desired.

Decide before you leave your house exactly what your limit is and what items you plan to purchase.


Don’t find yourself in the store with crowds of people around you and not being sure of what product or price you are looking for.  The pressure of the moment could push you into a buying decision you could have avoided with proper research.

Before leaving home be sure you know your budget as well as what products you plan on looking for.  Use this time to research these products online and be sure you know what a regular price is so you will know if a sale item is really a good deal.

Many stores will let you know ahead of time (at least the day before) what items will be on sale.  Use this to decide what to look at while you are in the store and what to research before you go.

Online or In-Store


Over the past several years internet stores have been holding Black Friday sales as well.  Some offer limited time frames that products can be purchased and substantially reduced amounts.


This is one great way to avoid the crowded stores.

What ways have you found to be more prepared for Black Friday shopping?

  • Brian Knight

    I prefer to do all my black Friday shopping online. The deals seem to be more available online every year. Personally, I am not into waiting in line early in the morning to save a little money.

    • Me too Brian. I’ve started ordering some pre-Black Friday specials for Christmas already. I like not having to wait for good deals until only one day as well.