3 Reasons We Settle for Just…Okay…Instead of GREAT! – Part One: FEAR

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Are there areas of life you know you want more from but give it just enough effort to keep it afloat?  Why do we do that when we know we want to do better?  This article starts a series of posts on 3 reasons we settle for just…okay…instead of great!


If you really sit down and think about it I’m sure you can come up with some areas in your life you have a passion about and really want more from that area.  Or, at least, some areas you are passionate about that you WISH were part of your life.

One major reason we hold back from fully committing to some things in life is fear.  We can be afraid of several different things.  I’ve listed a few fears we may have and some suggestions for how to overcome them.

What if I let someone else down?

It simply is not possible to please everyone in your life all the time.  If you try to please others as your main priority you will end up with conflicting directions to take.disappointment

This is not to say pleasing others in our life should never be a consideration.  Far from it.  We should always be sensitive to how our actions will affect those around us but we should not live our life in fear of and constantly altering course at the slightest chance of a disapproving word from another.

But how do you find this happy medium?  Any time you are considering an action or decision that you suspect will cause someone close to you to respond unfavorably closely evaluate why you think it important to take the planned course; what are your motives.

What if I try but fail?

A fear of failure is very common.  None of us want to look bad to others or to ourselves.  We want the things we try to always work out.  But they won’t always work out.

If this fear of failure leads you to never try at something you really desire you are much closer to failure than if you tried it and failed.

This is not to say throw caution to the wind and do anything.  There are healthy fears that prevent us from doing things we could get get hurt at or will very likely fail at.

Weigh the risk with the potential for benefit.  Also, consider how likely it is that you will fail.  How bad could it really be if you fail?  The reality of the failure is usually not as bad as we build it up to be in our minds.

It is also very important to realize that failure is life’s great teacher.  We only truly fail at something if it makes us give up and we learn nothing from it.  I’m not saying we always do the exact same thing over and over.  Sometimes that is the right action but others we make adjustments or we try something completely different to get to our goal.

The point is, when you fail at something ask serious questions about why you failed.  Not to beat yourself up but to objectively identify the cause so you can learn from it and try next time with a greater likelihood of success.

I’m sure someone else can do it better than me

First you need to trust yourself.  Recognize your abilities and strengths and believe in yourself.

Also, learn and know your limits.  You won’t know these limits without pushing yourself and exploring them a bit but some areas you will find you just aren’t gifted in that area.  And that is okay!

This world has a great many people.  God has granted us each with a unique skill set and if someone you know has a skill in the area you lack and need talk to them; seek out their help.

What ways do you overcome fear in your life?  What areas are you struggling with that maybe we can come along side and provide suggestions?  Leave a comment!

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