3 Reasons We Settle for Just…Okay…Instead of GREAT! – Part Two: DISTRACTION

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This is part two of a three-part series on 3 reasons we settle for just…okay…instead of great!  In part one we looked at how fear can keep us from giving it all we have when it comes to a goal we are trying to accomplish in life.

This week we are going to look at the second reason we settle for just…okay…instead of great!  Distraction.

Do you find yourself easily distracted by other things that come up in life? Maybe you start on your course toward a goal you feel strongly passionate about only to find later that your time has been pulled in so many other directions you are not at all effective at moving toward your goal any longer.

Let’s look at a few reasons this could be happening.

Getting Distracted by Wrong Things

What do I mean by wrong things?  Basically this would be anything that you know does not belong in your life but you found it is back in it again.

This could be having agreed to things others asked you to do that you know do not align with the goals you have in your life and you have no interest in.  You simply wanted to help out a friend or to impress them.  But now you find you have much less time to work on those things that will move you toward what you believe is important in your life.

It could be something you have already determined should have no place in your life yet you find yourself spending time toward it anyway.

Getting Distracted by Right Things

Not everything that distracts us and pulls our attention away from our goals is a bad thing.  Somethings are actually really good but are they the best?

Agreeing to participate in everything that comes up that sounds even remotely good can leave you spread so thin across so many “okay” things that you have little time for the things you have decided to be really important.

Not Having an Important Enough Why

questionYou may know the goal you want to achieve.  And you may even feel very passionate about it.  But have you ever asked yourself exactly why it is so important?  More specifically, what benefit will be received by accomplishing the goal?

If you don’t have a clearly defined expectation of what the outcome will be once you reach your goal it will be much harder to keep intense focus on the tasks at hand toward your goal when distractions come up.  And they will always come up so we need to be prepared for them.

If you do have a very well defined expectation for the outcome and it is something you very earnestly want it becomes much easier to motivate yourself during those times distractions try pulling you away.

What ways have you found that work to keep distractions away?  What are some distractions you face right now that others may have suggestions about?

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