3 Reasons We Settle for Just…Okay…Instead of GREAT! – Part Three: LACK OF KNOWLEDGE

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This is the final part of a three-part series on 3 reasons we settle for just…okay…instead of great!  In part one we looked at fear holding us back and part two looked at how we can become distracted.

In this article we are going to look at a thrid reason we settle for just…okay…instead of great!  Lack of knowledge.

Has not knowing the right things or enough about the right things stopped you from moving forward in a direction you were passionate about?

Let’s look at a few reasons for this.

I’m Not That Smart

Not feeling smart enough can feel like a huge reason to just give up at something.  Being afraid of failing due to not knowing the right stuff is a valid fear.

But is simply giving up the most wise course of action when you don’t think you have the knowledge to complete something?


Many successful business men and women have created and grown very large corporations around subject matter they knew little about.  Andrew Carnegie is a great example of this.  In the late 19th century Carnegie led an enormous expansion of the American steel industry.

This would have been a colossal undertaking even for someone with vast knowledge of the steel industry.  However, Andrew Carnegie did not have vast experience and knowledge in the steel industry – he saw a need and built a company to meet that need.

Passion outweighs intelligence in many great pursuits.

So how did he do it?  How did he build an empire in an area he had basic knowledge in?  Some of the principles in this article are what he applied to do just that.

I Don’t Know How

So perhaps you know what needs to be done but you really don’t know how to do it.worried

There has never been such easy access to new information.  There are sites such as udemy.com that offer courses in just about anything.

Information is of course useful but wisdom shows you how to apply knowledge and information.  We should always seek out mentors throughout life.  Mentors can push us forward past our limits by leading us into areas we haven’t been in but they have.

I Can’t Do All Of It

Each of us has 24-hours in a day, no more.  So we need to use them wisely.  Even being efficient with our time we will still have more things needing to be done.

Who can you reach out to that can help when you just don’t have enough time to complete all the tasks you have?

Virtual Assistants (VA’s) are a great resource for completing the extra tasks you need done and to free your time to engage in those tasks that only you can complete.  A great resource for this is odesk.com.

What ways have you been challenged by lack of knowledge and how have you overcome them?

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  • Brian Knight

    Great Post Victor! Love the quote:”Passion outweighs intelligence in many great pursuits.” That is so true, because you can have all the intelligence in the world but if you have no passion you will give up when the first obstacle comes along. Passion is what keeps us going when everyone else including your mother has given up on your business idea. Keep them coming Victor.