3 Quick Tips for Improving Your Sleep

sleeping at workSleep is something we all need but often take for granted.  A little here and some there just doesn’t offer the renewing benefits sleep was designed to provide.  Here are 3 quick tips for improving your sleep that will boost your body’s natural ability to renew your energy.

Bed by 10

It doesn’t need to be 10 necessarily but that is the time I’ve found works best for me.  A regular bedtime is important to get your body on a sleep schedule.  It could be later for you but I think we each have a certain time our body does best at when we go to bed by then.

Regular Waking Time (even on weekends)

While sleeping in on the weekends sounds great it could be confusing your body’s sleep pattern.  If you pattern your sleep to generally the same time to bed and the same time to wake you should be getting enough rest and not need the extra sleep on a weekend morning.

Use a Sleep App for Complete Sleep Cycles

Hand holding mobile smart phoneWhen we sleep we go through many cycles, or sleep cycles.  You may have heard of REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) and deep sleep.  Completing these sleep cycles is important for feeling rested.  I’ve found that if I have slept a full night but I was abruptly woken out of a deep sleep I still feel tired.

But many of us need to ensure we are up in time to get ready for the day so we use alarm clocks of some type.  Alarm clocks don’t know any better so they wake us when we tell them to.  But what if we happen to be not quite done with a sleep cycle?

Smart phones have provided yet another potential answer in the way of sleep apps.  Some sleep apps are far more than a simple alarm clock.  They can monitor your sleep cycles and adjust the timing of your alarm within a time window to try and wake you once you have completed your cycle around the time you need to be up.

There are plenty of other great features offered by these sleep apps as well.  Here are a few to check out and find what works best for you.

Android Sleep Apps
  • Sleep as Android (I recommend checking this one out – I have been using this for a while and find it helpful)
  • SleepBot

iPhone Sleep Apps

Windows Phone Sleep Apps

What is your favorite sleep app?

  • Brian Knight

    Great post, I use the Sleep Cycle app for my I phone. It is very effective as you mentioned for waking you up when you are not in a deep sleep. I have noticed i am a lot less tired even though I am getting the same amount of sleep. Good tips, I highly recommend these for everyone.