Archive | October, 2013

ObamaCare Facts: Is it for You?

ObamaCare has been getting a lot of publicity lately but is ObamaCare for you?  And what ObamaCare facts do you need to know?  ObamaCare’s official name is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and also known by Health Care Reform.  You may have been hearing much more about ObamaCare lately due to much of its […]

Signs of Stress and How to Fight Back

Stress is something we all face in one form another in our lives.  Knowing the signs of stress and how to fight back can help you see it coming and potentially deal with it faster. Not all stress is bad.  Acute stress can actually be good for us in some amounts.  This is the kind […]

Who Is Your Role Model?

Do you choose what kind of person other people see when they interact with you?  Do you believe you can choose the person others see in you?  What other people do you most want to emulate?  Who is your role model? These are all big questions.  Maybe questions you have never asked yourself.  But these important […]