The Multitasking Myth

If we do more at once we will get more done and get it done faster right?  This is the theory of multitasking.  But is the multitasking myth more than fact?  Does it really make you more efficient? Single Threaded Processing In computer terms, you can think of a thread as the timeline it takes […]

Risk Assess Your List of Commitments

What happens when your commitment level exceeds your time, money, or energy?  Have you ever stressed because you said ‘yes’ to too much and felt guilty because you had to back out of commitments.  I’ve had this happen and been frustrated by it so I thought maybe others had as well.  So how do you […]

5 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

This week started a new year and many people have been or plan to be thinking about New Year’s resolutions.  Have you thought of some things you wanted to change in your life this time in years past but found in a few months you weren’t where you wanted to be with your resolutions?  Here are 5 ways to […]

3 Ways to Start Your Work Day

How you approach your day when you arrive to work can set the tone for the rest of the day.  Have you ever had those days that feel like there is just way too much work?  Then you have another day that feels like the same amount of work just moves along and you get […]

3 Quick Tips for Improving Your Sleep

Sleep is something we all need but often take for granted.  A little here and some there just doesn’t offer the renewing benefits sleep was designed to provide.  Here are 3 quick tips for improving your sleep that will boost your body’s natural ability to renew your energy. Bed by 10 It doesn’t need to […]

3 Ways to Thankfulness

Just two days until Thanksgiving left.  The tension of ‘getting it all done’ is well underway both for checking off Christmas lists as well as making sure everything is ready for the turkey.  This time of year can be very tiring if we let it.  Possibly so tiring we may even forget to place our […]

3 Tips for Savvy Black Friday Shopping

November is known for gift buying as we prepare for giving gifts to celebrate those we love in our lives and the birth of our Lord and Savior.  Black Friday has become a day for great deals on many products. Black Friday has always been the day after Thanksgiving each year.  However, it seems many […]